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We are the home of all the latest spy gadgets, gps trackers, and surveillance systems. SpySpot.net has all kinds of gadgets that can be used by anybody including private investigators, lawyers, businessman, parents, and the general public. SpySpot.net is proud to offer the best prices for all our gadgets and strive to provide quality customer service. Each product contains videos that describe the product as well as how to use the product. The main concern when somebody buys a product is whether or not they will know how to use it, but between SpySpot.net's videos and customer service you can rest easy. SpySpot.net is your one stop to keep up with the latest technology and to find a product that can revolutionize your everyday life.


SpySpot.net offers cameras, which can be found in everyday objects such as watches, pens, keychains, shirt buttons, clocks, smoke alarms, and more. Each camera is unique as some are activated by motion and others are activated by sound. Most of the devices use an SD card, which allows for portable use and plugs directly into any USB drive. Products are compatible with Mac and Windows. 

Keychain Camera

Car Key Video Camera


Watch Camera


Pen Camera

HD Spy Pen Camcorder


Mini DV Sound Activated Camera

Metal Mini DV Camcorder Sound Activated

SpySpot.net also specializes in GPS Trackers. Three types of GPS devices are offered including a portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and a Hard Wire Tracker. The Micro Tracker is a portable device that you can place anywhere inside a vehicle, purse, safe, boat, helicopter, or any object you would like to track. The OBD Tracker installs in the OBD II port of the vehicle and will provide updates every one minute. The extended "Y" cable may be purchased to keep the port open and hide the tracker. The third tracker is the Hard Wire tracker, which is completely hidden and installs behind the dashboard. The Hard Ware Tracker requires professional installation, which can be done at any audio or electronics shop.

Micro Tracker


Micro Tracker Miniature GPS Tracker in White


OBD Tracker



Hard Wire GPS Tracker


Hard Wire Kill Switch

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